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British Colour Standard

Tall Enamel Utensil Holder In Orange Flame / Bright White

Tall Enamel Utensil Holder In Orange Flame / Bright White

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A classic enamel Utensil Holder, crafted here in a combination of Orange Flame & Bright White, two key colours that work beautifully together from our archival BRITISH COLOUR STANDARD Dictionary.
An ideal piece for the kitchen or bathroom, its ideal size and weight make it perfect for loading up with spoons, spatulas, brushes  etc. it won't topple over!
The item is gift-boxed in a neat, recyclable kraft card box.
Traditionally made Enamelware is incredibly durable, with the colourful ceramic-style 'glazed' coating fired onto the metal piece.

The holder measures 14cm D x 15 cm H and weighs 465g.
This is our Tall Utensil Holder, a Medium Utensil Holder is also available.

To care for it, try to avoid chipping, do not use abrasive pads/cleaners, and do not place in a microwave or freezer.
It's domestic dishwasher safe.

Note: Enamelware Production
These are handmade items, so slight variations can occur with painted edges etc. When the colour pigment is fired on, sometimes tiny black dots can appear on the item surface; these dots are from the metal wires used to hang the items 
in the kiln whilst being fired, oxidising. This is an unavoidable part of the manufacturing process and is more noticeable on lighter colours than darker ones, and has always been a part of the alchemy of metal and pigment that is the making
of enamelwares.
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